When you’re looking for a lender, there are so many options. At Cardinal Financial, we value our relationships and partnerships. By offering a wide variety of products, fostering a seamless process, integrating our proprietary technology, and building a team of experienced staff, we’re working to be the lender-partner for all your needs.

cardinal advantage


  • Industry-leading Conventional and Jumbo pricing.
  • Specialty loans for every borrower’s special situation.
  • Extensive catalog of both popular and niche loan products.
  • Flexible credit requirements and down payment assistance options.


  • Fast closings, quick turn times, and competitive rates.
  • Communication keeps our borrowers in the know.
  • Committed to consistently smooth transactions.
  • Wide network of strong vendor relationships.
cardinal advantage


  • Our proprietary system gets loans closed fast.
  • Seamless integration with third party software.
  • Hassle-free underwriting with no layered conditions.
  • Live, web-based portal—not a bottle-necked queue.


  • Our business leaders are responsive and ready to help.
  • Passionate staff that truly cares about their clients.
  • We proudly volunteer and serve our community.
  • Can-do attitude and strong sense of teamwork.