Cardinal Financial

Our Story

We started Cardinal Financial in 2013 with a passion for developing a better mortgage experience. From humble beginnings to strong roots, we grew from a handful of employees to a nationwide lender in just five years.

While we experienced significant growth, we knew that in order to stay relevant in a changing market, we had to diversify. We’ve since incorporated multiple channels into our business model and identified key leaders to spearhead their growth.

In 2016, it became clear that we needed a new identity to match our modern way of thinking about the mortgage market and stand out among the competition. So we rebranded and launched an entirely new logo, website, and marketing suite to better serve our customers and our partners.

We’re innovators at heart, and for years we’ve been building and investing in our proprietary technology Octane®. It’s our revolutionary loan origination system that’s transforming the industry and helping us deliver on our brand promises. We continue to innovate and grow, adding new team members and branches across the U.S. every day.

The market is the market.

The industry, trends, product guidelines, rates . . . All of it can change on a dime. We believe that you have to be able to survive right now. We don’t believe in the “ride it out” mentality or a “when the market picks up again” way of thinking. For us, it’s about operating in the mindset that “this is the new norm,” whatever it might be that day. It’s about being mentally tough to hunker down and get to work no matter what the market conditions are.

It’s all about being nimble. Quick to change strategies and tactics. Meticulously adhering to a process or being open to writing new ones. Adaptability and the strength to succeed now is the key. How do we do it? With open-minded, eager professionals on our team who are process driven and see the bigger picture.


Awards & Recognition

We’re humbled by the recognition we’ve received. It’s proof that, through our customer service and technology, we’re making the right steps to deliver the best mortgage experience possible.