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A fresh and innovative lending team re-imagining the mortgage process, while building lasting relationships with our clients and agents. No matter the walk of life you’re in, our proactive and well-versed professionals will handle your mortgage with the highest level of integrity.

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We Are Cardinal Financial

We started Cardinal Financial in 2014 with a passion for developing a better mortgage experience. Our proprietary loan origination software Octane® is a sure advantage, but we soon found that revolutionary technology only goes so far without revolutionary people. We place a premium on hiring talented, forward-thinking self-starters who are committed not only to reimagining the possibilities of mortgage lending, but to delivering a personal experience to every borrower every time. We’re a start-up company at heart, and there’s an entrepreneurial spirit in our hearts that drives us to embrace new challenges and engineer innovative solutions. While the rest of the mortgage industry is interested in short-term gains, we’re investing in technology and training our staff—always having one hand in the future. For more information about Cardinal Financial, visit or follow us on social media.