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Lynn Su

Loan Originator  |  NMLS 1758759
1900 Glades Road, Suite 400,
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Though born and raised in the USA, after her undergraduate completion at UCLA in Biochemistry, Lynn spent the next 20 years in Bangkok and only recently returned in 2016 to live closer to her family.

While in Thailand Lynn practiced business consulting and development with experience and notable success in retail, insurance, medical, sports, advertising and airline industries. She continues to accept invitations as a speaker to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs around the world.

Lynn is a foodie, loves to travel and cook, enjoys time out with friends, self investment courses and community service volunteering.

Causes I Care About

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The underprivileged: humans and animals.

My Favorite Restaurant

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My Ideal Vacation Spot

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Beaches or mountains

My Favorite Pastime

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Video games and movies.

The Reviews Are In

Lose yourself in the service of others

— Mahatma Gandhi