8 Easy Steps to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Make your outdoor update look effortless with these DIY projects.

Whether you’re just moving in or making overdue renovations, these subtle improvements to your home’s curb appeal can make a big statement—even on a tight budget.

1. Take inventory

The first step to upping your curb appeal is to assess your inventory. Take a look at what you already have and think of how you can repurpose those items. This step is crucial for homeowners on a budget. Oftentimes, you have a beautiful front door or lovely shutters, they just need a fresh coat of paint.

2. Paint the front door

This modern trend has been sweeping the nation for years. Why do so many homeowners love it? It’s a simple way to make a statement. Paint your front door a sassy red or a tropical turquoise just to give the face of your home some personality. Plus, it’s a unique identifier that’s helpful when explaining which house is yours to new friends.

3. Make your address numbers pop

Address numbers: Something every house has, but a feature not every house makes interesting. First, check out your existing numbers and see if they’re worth salvaging. You can paint them, attach them to a painted plaque, or move them from your mailbox to your front door, to name a few options. But, if your heart is set on some shiny new numbers, make that worthwhile purchase to capitalize on this simple upgrade.

4. Hang window box planters

These long flower boxes complement any window or front porch rail. You can find them at any home and garden store. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, gather up the tools and build them yourself! These simple planters add floating color in unlikely spaces and add a necessary charm that only flowers can bring.

5. Plant perennials

If the face of your house looks bare and boring, liven it up by planting flowers. Just be sure to do your homework first. It may be tempting to buy whatever flowers look the prettiest, but an uneducated purchase like this can be a shocking disappointment.

First, we recommend perennials, not annuals. Perennial plants grow again in the spring without needing to be replanted. Annuals, on the other hand, must be replanted every year. (Think, “Annuals must be replanted annually.”) Other factors to consider are the plant’s sunlight, shade, soil type, and water needs. Decide what kinds of plants would survive in your front yard and porch before making this enhancement.

6. Hang potted plants and greenery

Similar to window box planters, hanging planters from the ceiling of your porch is a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal. This feature adds dimension to an otherwise flat look and brings natural pops of color where it normally wouldn’t be. Plant draping greenery for a more lush, enchanted look.

7. Give your mailbox a makeover

Paint the outside to match your front door. Line the inside with patterned paper. Attach new address numbers. Plant flowers at the base of the mailbox post. Sand and varnish, repaint or replace the post. The list goes on! There are countless ways to bring your mailbox back to life and any one of these creative touches will make your mailbox stand out from the rest of the block.

8. Add some personal touches

Grandma’s old rocker is not just a precious piece of family history, it’s a unique detail of your front porch. Survey your home interior or attic for special pieces of furniture or other items that make your house a home. By incorporating these unique pieces into your front porch and yard, you’re improving your curb appeal and adding a style that’s all yours.

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